Monday, January 26, 2015

Stories on Real Estate Investing in SC

Real Estate Investing in South Carolina.

This blog is to tell stories about investing. I started looking at we buy houses investment companies a few years ago. It seemed like a good idea. People always need to sell a house. Life happens and people just need to sell whether you are in a good or bad market. Divorces happen, people die and people lose jobs no matter what. So there is an endless supply of potential clients. Regardless of economy or market conditions.  All I needed to do was find them. A simple bandit sign or an occasional letter mailed out should do so, I thought.  

I purchased a hundred signs and found a phone number to put on it. We Buy Houses any price, condition or situation, yellow 12 by 24 are the ones I used. That's easy right? I put some out and started getting phone calls. Man, that was easy.  I drove around late night and put them out. I found that after 11pm the traffic is low and you can park and put signs out on heavy intersections. The name of the game  is to get as many people to see the sign and call. Well, the sign police other citizens and competition pulled up my signs so the phone quit ringing. This way works but in extremely time heavy on staying on top of the signs you have out.  Some signs will stay up a day some a month.

Looking at cost saving methods. Using wood stakes or nailing straight to a telephone pole. This method of guerrilla marketing is a way to get some phone calls but is not the best for a long term business plan.

I tried explaining the concept of marketing to house sellers to a friend and he did not get it. I found some examples of a website that help gather information. If you need to sell your house fast in Columbia SC check out this We Buy Houses Columbia SC

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